The house that Tony & Sally built - with a little help!

The year of the house build

The links below all lead to sections of the house build which are illustrated with thumbnail images, which in their turn lead to larger images. We hope you find them interesting. If you would prefer to read the full, text-only diary (slightly expurgated!), you will find it on the diary page. Please be warned that it is very long.

» In the beginning First view of site
Preliminary testing
» April 2001 Green oak frame preparation
Piling and foundations start
» May 2001 Foundations complete
Beam and block floor complete
» June 2001 Green oak arrives
Oak frame start
» July 2001 Brickwork starts
» August 2001 Ground floor brickwork finished
First floor oak frame
Chimney stack started
» September 2001 Upstairs floor joists
Chimney stack completed
Blockwork for study and utility
Roof carpentry
Rainwater drainage
» October 2001 Roof tiling
Fireplace built
Preparatory plumbing and electrics
» November 2001 Underfloor heating installed
Outside rendering
Window frames installed
Scaffolding down
Flagstones laid
Porch finished
» December 2001 Featherboarding on annexe
Stud walling started
Glazing of windows started
First fix plumbing and electrics started
» January 2002 Plastering
Guttering and downpipes
First fix plumbing and electrics finished
» February 2002 Front door on
Internal doors installed
Staircase in
Second fix plumbing and electrics started
» March 2002 Water supply problems
Light fittings installed
Central heating commissioned
Second fix joinery
Decorating started
Drains in position
» April 2002 Kitchen fitted
Oak floor laid
Water supply at last
Cats moved in
We moved in
Sewage connection at last
» 2004 Current photos of the house

If you are interested in any aspects of our Border Oak self build, please feel free to contact us through one of the links shown on the Contacts page.