Diary of the house build

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September 2001

Now that the outside shell was in place, the upstairs floor joists could be started at the beginning of September; the roof carpentry would follow as soon as the chimney was complete.

The chimney stack was completed by the middle of the month, with very attractive corbelling at the top. It incorporated a double flue to try to reduce smoking (although we subsequently had to fit a hood).

Once work on the chimney stack was finished, the bricklayers moved on to the blockwork for the study and utility section which would be built of blocks with featherboarding on the outside. At the same time, the carpenters got to work on the roof structure, which they began on 17th September with shaped fascia boards above the dormers, followed by the trusses - the shape of the finished house was beginning to appear. By the end of September the basic roof carpentry was all complete, and the block and brickwork had also been done for the porch.

Outside, work on the storm water drainage now began, with pipes of increasing diameters laid into pea shingle in a trench sloping gradually down to the stream along our back boundary. The largest pipe (9” diameter) looked a bit like vacuum cleaner hose, with a ridged outside but smooth inside.