Diary of the house build

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October 2001

On 1st October the roofers arrived. First a weatherproof membrane was laid on the trusses, with battens to hold it at 12” intervals, filled in subsequently with more battens at 4” intervals. Then the roof was tiled with clay reclaims; once they were all in place, the edge tiles were cemented in.

By mid October, work was under way on the fireplace, which was to have a shaped oak bressummer. The garage was separately being built - also with a green oak frame construction, albeit a simpler one - and went up incredibly fast.

With the roof complete, the carpenters fitted the ceiling boards. Fermacell was used where there were exposed oak floor joists below; everywhere else there was non load-bearing plasterboard under the joists. At this stage (on 26th October) the electricians and plumbers moved in to do their preparatory work - all the pipes and cables had to be laid in position before the underfloor heating and upstairs floors could go in.