Diary of the house build

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February 2002

It was quite a moment on 5th February when the front door went on. It was good to get the key to the door - mind you, there was as yet no back door, nor any glazing in the French doors, but it was the principle which mattered. By mid-February the electricity meter box was in (although no supply yet) and work had started on installing the internal doors. Having carefully worked out our final kitchen plans, we now marked out all the kitchen units in chalk on the walls to make sure it all worked.

Some of the finishing off was also underway, with the oak beams being cleaned on the outside of the house, then treated with Fiddes dark teak oil. This really sharpened them up. The green oak inside the house couldn't be finished off until the plaster had dried out.

By the end of February the main part of the staircase was in and the spindles and balustrade fitted. The internal doors and architraves and skirting boards were also complete.

Things were moving pretty rapidly now; the French windows were glazed on 22nd February so that the house was now secure. The second fix of electrical fittings and sanitary ware could now proceed, and this was nearly all complete by the end of February.